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Medlars Iron Clad
Medlars Iron Clad
Medlars Iron Clad
Medlars Iron Clad

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My 24 Milwaukee :: Sports - Thursday Night Lights

Rally your community and show your school spirit! Watch out for the My 24 Sports Team coming to cover a game near you! Who`s ready for intense high school football action?!

Game Schedule - Stadium Location Map

Date Home School Visitors Location Score
08/21 Sussex Hamilton Franklin Stan Grove Field TBD
08/28 Arrowhead Homestead Arrowhead HS TBD
09/05 Waterford Badger (Lake Geneva) Waterford HS TBD
09/11 Whitefish Bay Milwaukee Lutheran Whitefish Bay HS TBD
09/18 Brookfield East Brookfield Central Brookfield East HS TBD
09/25 Milwaukee Washington Milwaukee King Custer Stadium TBD
10/02 Greendale Pius XI Greendale HS TBD
10/09 Franklin Indian Trail Franklin HS TBD
10/16 Brookfield Central West Allis Hale Brookfield Central HS TBD

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My 24 Milwaukee :: Sports - Thursday Night Lights Football - Local High School Talent Local High School Talent's Steve Kabelowsky gives the My 24 Sports Team a shout out for our work in putting a spotlight on local high school football talent.
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